Established in 1983, EID is a Portuguese high tech industry with deep know-how and vast experience in the fields of electronics, communications and command & control.

EID is part of Cohort plc, the UK-based independent technology group.

The company is focused in the design, manufacture and supply of advanced, high performance equipment and systems, mainly for the worldwide defense community. We are active in multiple countries worldwide, with customers in Europe, Africa, South America, Middle East and in the Asia Pacific region.

The demanding market where EID operates requires a permanent attitude of innovation. Therefore, sustainable business growth strongly depends on the ability to develop and launch technologically evolved, innovative products and solutions, meeting the customer most stringent requirements.

Such strategy requires significant investments in Research & Development, to make sure that emerging technologies are consistently incorporated in new products. In average terms, the company spends over 10% of its turnover in R&D activities. Thus, EID assets rely essentially on the technological capabilities of a team of highly qualified electronics, software and communications engineers, who represent the majority of the company workforce.