Since 1985, IMREX has been a major Suppliers of Military Systems & Parts. With our vast knowledge and expertise, we provide a comprehensive range of products for AIR, GROUND and SEA at the most competitive pricing.
IMREX has been a Major Supplier of Military & Aircraft Spares since 1985. We are typically very strong in supplying “Difficult to Find” and Obsoleted Parts and Material at very competitive prices.
Since its inception, IMREX had achieved some proud and notable milestones, including but not limited to the followings :

  1. Undertook and delivered the Avionics Upgrade of a C-130 Cockpit. Rockwell Collins was the First Company to integrate and upgrade a conventional Cockpit to a Full Glass Cockpit in 2007.
  2. Follow with Avionics Upgrade on the fleet of CH-47 in 2009.
  3. Fleet of F-50 Radio Upgrade in 2014.
  4. Most recent Contract Signed for Fast Jet Training Visual Displace Systems in 2019.

Throughout the years, IMREX had also been accredited and awarded with the followings:

  1. Best Non-Employee Sales Rep in 2019.
  2. Best International Sales Rep in 2014.

Presently, with a combined experience of 80 years of experience in aviation industries, Imrex is well positioned to provide full range of services and effective solutions to Military Customers in variety of sectors and will continuously to strive to serve customers better with consistently high quality services.
Amongst others, some of IMREX’s notable projects won are:

Two EEC Ground Weather Radars at PLA and TAB.  The systems are still in operation after 30 years.

Ferranti / IMREX won Contract on Gyro Gunsight Systems for RSAF’s A4.


IMREX was considered as One of the Major Spares Suppliers on A4/F5/C-130 to RSAF via DPD, DMO before DSTA was formed.


Won few Major Credit Export (K.E.) Programs from Indonesian Air Force (IAF) on Spares for A4 and F5.


Data Link Solutions (BAE/Rockwell Collins) / IMREX won on L-16 under FMS.


Rockwell Collins / IMREX won contract to supply PLUG II hand held GPS for Army under FMS.


Rockwell Collins / IMREX was the first Company to sign BOA with DSTA on Repair of all Rockwell Collins items across all Platforms.


IMREX was awarded as one of the SME 500 Company in Singapore.

Rockwell Collins / IMREX was awarded with RSAF C-130 Avionic Upgrade Program.


Rockwell Collins / IMREX was awarded with RSAF CH-47 Avionic Upgrade Program.


IMREX won a large contract in supplying Soldiers’ Helmet Mount Display (HMD) to the Singapore Army Force.

IMREX was awarded with Supplying CH-47 Simulator Avionics H/W and Data Package from Rockwell Collins.


IMREX was awarded International Sales Rep (ISR) of the Year from Rockwell Collins.

Rockwell Collins / IMREX awarded Contract on Limited Life Extension Program for Republic of Navy (RSN)’s F-50.


IMREX was awarded to supply PCIDM and UIDM from Elbit USA.

IMREX was awarded contract to supply ICS Systems for RSN’s Fast Petrol Boat.


IMREX was awarded contract to supply Ruggedized Display for Singapore Army’s Vehicle Program.


IMREX is awarded with a certificate in trading and management of engineering solutions from SOCOTEC.


IMREX was awarded as Best NSR in APEC from Collins Aerospace.

Textron Systems / IMREX was awarded to provide Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Services.

Collins Aerospace /  IMREX was awarded with RSAF’s F-16 VDS System.